Low running cost

Easy installation

Fairland Mini
pool heat pumps

for small pools, jacuzzi and spa

  • High Coefficient of Performance

  • Plug n Play: Easy installation and simple operation

  • Suitable for heating indoor and outdoor pools up to ~20m³

  • Wide range of water heating temperature +18℃~40℃

  • Super silent

  • Automatic defrost

  • Metalic anti-corrosion casing

  • Built-in titanium heat exchanger

  • Eco friendly refrigerant R32

  • Wide range of ambient temperature +10℃~43℃

Why are Fairland Mini pool heat pumps superior?

Fairland Mini pool heat pumps have compact design and can be placed anywhere without needing extra space

They opearte in silence and offer a quiet swimming environment

The have simple and user friendly menu 

They provide the essential heating capacity for small pools, jacuzzi, spa without the need to install a large pool heat pump

Plug n Play: Easy installation by the end user 

They have built in titanium heat exchanger with a large exchanging surface and they are also suitable for salt water.