Half running cost

10 times quiter swimming environment

Fairland Inverter-Plus

pool heat pumps

for all pool types

  • Super energy saving:  powered by Full inverter technology
  • Very high Coefficient of Performance / COP =16 

  • Suitable for heating and cooling of indoor and outdoor pools 20m³~160m³

  • Wide range of water heating temperature +18℃~40℃

  • Built-in WiFi and Smartphone APP control remotely for free (standard)

  • Super silent 

  • Soft start for even more energy saving

  • Automatic defrost

    Heat and cool your pool all year around / Wide range of ambient temperature -10℃~43℃

  • Premium aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, unique out looking, life time anti-rusting

  • Dc brushless fan motor, lower noise and lower power consumption

  •  HP BOOSTER technology

  • Twin Rotary DC-Inverter compressor
  • Eco friendly refrigerant R32

Main advantages

Super energy saving: Half running cost, double energy saving

.Full-inverter technology offers double energy savings compared to conventional pool heat pumps. All the components of Fairland pool heat pumps have been upgraded so that the power can be increased without additional energy consumption, and quiet operation at the same. The average COP efficiency is 11.3 and energy consumption is very low.

10 times quiter 

 10 times quieter swimming environment at average 50% capacity of the heat pump than conventional pool heat pumps.

Soft start

When Inverter-plus pool heat pump turns on, the current will start from 0A and go up slowly to rated current in 2 minutes. It will not affect the house electricity system, while the frequent start current of On/Off heat pump is 5 times of rated current, it is a burden to the electricity system.

Why are Fairland Inverter-plus pumps superior?

Fairland Inverter-Plus pool heat pumps operate on the advanced Full inverter technology that offers maximum energy savings

They have free built-in Wi-Fi for remote control wherever you are

they have DC brushless fan motor, lower noise and lower power consumption

The are made of premium aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, unique out looking, life time anti-rusting.

They have built-in spiral titanium heat exchanger, that enlarges 30% heat exchange surface

They run with twin rotary DC inverter compressor for anti-shaking, higher efficiency and quieter operation.

They function with the innovative HP BOOSTER technology: adapts the flow of the refrigerant at the ambient temperature, optimizing the pool heat pump overall function and minimizing the energy consumption

They have user friendly menu that ensures simple operation and easy setting