The first Full Inverter dehumidifier

Half running cost

Completely silent

Fairland Inverter-Plus


for all indoor pools 


• Super energy-saving and Eco-friendly

• Super silent

• Smartphone APP control remotely(optional)

• Floor-standing and wall-mounted installation

• Strong anti-rusting casing

• Optional electric heating

Main advantages

Super energy saving: Half running cost, double energy saving

The first Full Inverter dehumidifier! Super energy saving and quite operation.

10 times quiter 

 10 times quieter swimming environment compared with the conventional pool dehumidifiers. 

Why are Fairland Inverter-plus dehumidifiers superior?

Fairland Inverter-Plus dehumidifiers operate on the advanced Full inverter technology that offers maximum energy savings

The are made of metal and aluminum alloy casing , unique out looking, life time anti-rusting.

They have user friendly menu that ensures simple operation and easy setting

They have compact dimensions that fit every space.