The 1st Full-Inverter pool heat pump
with 3 functions

Half running cost

15 times quiter operation

Fairland InverX Vertical
pool heat pumps

powered by the latest technology

and suitable for all pool types

  • Full Inverter & Turbo Silence technologies

  • The 1st Full inverter heat pump with 3 functions: Turbo / Smart/ Silence

  • Very high Coefficient of Performance / COP =16 

  • Suitable for heating and cooling of indoor and outdoor pools  15m³~160m³

  • Wide range of water heating temperature +18℃~40℃

  • Built-in WiFi and Smartphone APP control remotely for free (standard)

  • Super silent

  • Soft start

  • Automatic defrost

  • Heat and cool your pool all year around / Wide range of ambient temperature -15℃~43℃

  • Eco friendly refrigerant R32

Main advantages

Super energy saving: Half running cost, double energy savings

The new TurboSilence inverter Technology is optimized on the basis of Full-inverter Technology, the whole control system and corresponding components are upgraded, it can instantly increase heating capacity by 20%, but with silent running.

Super silent: Averagely more than 10 Times Quieter

All INVERX models are with twin-rotary compressor to minimize vibration.
Running by AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain pool temperature for whole swimming season, which means 10 times quieter swimming environment & friendly neighborhood.

Double energy saving= Half running cost

Average COP 11.3 at 50% capacity, COP up to 16 (Air 26°C/Water 26°C/Humidity 80%)

Why are Fairland InverX Vertical superior;

They are powered by the new and innovative technology Turbo Silence which is the optimisation of Full inverter technology offering the maximum energy saving.

It is the first pool heat pump with Full Inverter technology that has 3 operating modes: Turbo/ Smart/Silence

Buitl in  Wi-Fi for free for remote control wherever you are

15 times quiter than conventional pool heat pumps, offering a quit swimming environment

They function effectively even at ambient temperature of -15ο C offering all year swimming

They are made of premium aluminum alloy casing with hidden screws, unique out looking, life time anti-rusting.


The have patented unique air flow technology that leads to most silent ventilation.

They have Intelligent Touch Controller for simple and easy operation