Full-Inverter technology

Cutting edge technology that brings you double energy saving

and 10 times quiter swimming environment:


When season starts, the Full-inverter HP runs at 100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first few days. After that, the Full-inverter HP runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain the desired pool temperature.
Normally, the pool temperature drops 0.5~1.5℃ daily, 50% capacity of a Full-inverter HP is sufficient to heat up the pool by 1.5~2.2℃ in 15 hours running with the right model selection. The AVERAGE COP 11.5 leads to half running cost compared with an On/Off HP. Meanwhile, the AVERAGE sound pressure of a Full-inverter HP is 45.2 dB(A) at 1m, which is 10 times quieter than an On/Off HP and even can be negligible.




Original & Unique Full-inverter Control System :


The Full-inverter Control System controls the compressor and fan motor speed to reach optimized performance. Only Full-inverter Control System can drive the DC-inverter Compressor Hz by Hz and DC-inverter Fan Motor round by round, which leads to the stepless running of the whole system, and brings the most comfortable, healthy & silent environment.

So DC-inverter HPs ≠ Full-inverter HP



Twin-Rotary DC-inverter Compressor

Full-inverter adopts twin-rotary DC-inverter compressor instead of single rotary compressor, the two rotors operate together to balance the movement of each other for anti-shaking, which is higher efficiency, lower vibration & quieter operation.



DC Inverter fan motor:


Full-inverter Control System controls DC brushless fan motor directly to ensure it works in the most precise & efficient way, it leads to a much lower noise and less failure rate compare with the normal mechanical brushes fan motor.


Half running cost

AVERAGE COP 11.5 at 50% capacity, COP 16 at 20% capacity
Certified by TÜV Rheinland

- AVERAGE power consumption (in 180 days swimming season)​​​​​​


10 times quiter swimming environment compared to a conventional pool heat pump